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One night only

27 May

Nah, this post isn’t about the moon.
Far it is from the song sang by that singer. Continue reading


Dyed Dead Sea

13 May

There’s this place,
top north of the north island that I really wanna see.
So, what’s the case?
Oh, you could witness the clash of two seas. Continue reading

Yusof b Othman

10 May

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Siti Aisah bt Hj. Ismail

10 May

I was under denial,
but now the feelings are unbearable.
I thought i won’t be going through this,
but tonight, i am writing for you my another piece. Continue reading

Sufficient for us is Allah

7 May

There are times when you might feel awkward,
though you’ve been in the same route for quite some time.
There are moments that barricade you from moving forward,
and that’s painful like dripping a wound with lime. Continue reading