Sufficient for us is Allah

7 May

There are times when you might feel awkward,
though you’ve been in the same route for quite some time.
There are moments that barricade you from moving forward,
and that’s painful like dripping a wound with lime.

Enjoying what we love is like sipping a cup of hot coffee.
It’s like a reciprocated love after saying “I love thee”.
Embracing pressure is but a burned tongue from drinking tea.
It comes in your way then goes far away, isn’t that haughty?

You might seem different from outside,
but it’s pointless if that’s not the case in the inside.
You could seem the same from their view,
but that cease to matter, as compared to Allah’s review.

In getting the truth, you could always walk and ask
the people that you trust.
It may be helpful to clean your soul from dusk
that you shall have a clear grasp of what you buzz.
Who would spend their time and lend their ears the most,
to the epics, that come from you.
Moms would, though in your stories they often got lost,
because that’s what mothers do, as they care for you.
p/s Mak, I just love you.


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