Siti Aisah bt Hj. Ismail

10 May

I was under denial,
but now the feelings are unbearable.
I thought i won’t be going through this,
but tonight, i am writing for you my another piece.

Some call theirs Ibu, Mama, and Umi.
But i chose, or maybe you taught me to call you Mak.
Anything would do for me,
‘Cause what’s important is your love for me.

I know  that i have that,
despite your nagging on this and that.
But i’d much rather see you nag
than listening to your silence if i did something wrong.
for your ‘diam 1000 bahasa’ is my ‘sembilu 1000 mata’


Thank you for listening to my problems and whining,
and especially for sending me to the hospital at 2am in the morning.
’cause my tummy was colicly growling.
jazakillah for massaging my neck everytime stress struck.
But don’t worry,
I’m fine here in Welly (:

you’ll always be my soulmate.
and I’m thinking how would you feel
when one day, i belong to someone else?
Even now, how are you doing I wonder?
as i am here, down under.

Sunday, 22 August 2010 at 21:33

I remember holding tight your index and middle finger,
for my palm wasn’t big enough to grip your hand. (:

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