Dyed Dead Sea

13 May

There’s this place,
top north of the north island that I really wanna see.
So, what’s the case?
Oh, you could witness the clash of two seas.

But I only managed to see a hot spring
at the Wai-o-Tapu thermal park and I wondered,
If it is capable of giving life to any livings.
but I doubt so ’cause I was clueless about any creature
that could stand the heat, unlike in seas.

Where seas are homes for thousands of creatures.
From the largest blue whale to the smallest amoeba.
From the ugliest blobfish to the prettiest damselfish,
that’s just how they are.
They make up seas, and get people cherished.

But things went wrong and awry
when the irrsesponsibles dyed the seas with colours of black and red.
They threw solid and liquid wastes,
far from where they are supposed to be buried,
when they belong to soil and at the Dead Sea, this is sadly the case.


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