One night only

27 May

Nah, this post isn’t about the moon.
Far it is from the song sang by that singer.

It’s just a saying that comes in my mind,
tonight, when my roommate is in her dreams already.
Probably something that reflects all human kind,
about being yourself and not for the sake of your buddy.

How does this has got to do with one night?
What’s with a night especially in winter
that you feel sleepy when doing assignments, so have you’ll have to fight?!

Let me tell you a bedtime story,
that shall bring you to a spiny trail,
Of a boy who finds it weary,
to endure the dreadful route, thus he hailed,
“I can’t go through this, really!”

Believe me as I am the storyteller,
that the boy was in utter pain and tears rolled down his cheek.
To be in the condition of agony is none of one’s desire.
How much more to love being engaged with thorns, all his life?

Not a second that he got deteriorated.
For he knew, that the bleeding the thorns aggravated
are witnesses of his efforts to maneuver the people
away from falsity to the illuminating light that’s embraceable.

But you haven’t heard about him before being trapped in the trail.
Why should you?
Why, I leave it to yourself to search.
As for him,
he was nurtured, and Rome was not built in a night.


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