Ekspresi Cinta

3 Apr

If you find it hard, in explaining to him/her, here’a a person who could help inshaAllah.

Dalam berkata terselit rasa,
Dalam mengalih pandangan terkilas wajahnya.
Dalam diam hati berkata,
Mungkin dialah orangnya. Continue reading



2 Apr

I hated it when my lips say that I have no time,
because the 24-hour day long is for all human kind.
I knew I wasn’t right to greet my workloads with the word ‘later!’
since I have to deal with it still, sooner or later. Continue reading

Parting way..

3 Mar

Me and my other half parted way early last year and i know exactly how you feel.. I know it aint easy to replace her with someone else.. I understand it will be hard for you to go through.. Continue reading

New Zealand here I come!

11 Feb

InshaAllah, tomorrow, Saturday 12th February 2011. (: Continue reading

Macam Selimut (Like a blanket)

9 Feb

So me and my mom went to Jalan TAR last Friday to ‘stock up’ some tudung (veil) before going back to Wellington, and Alhamdulillah (praise be to Allah) that I found the ones that I’ve been looking for. Continue reading

The power of love in nurturing

5 Feb

People define and express love differently
and accordingly, to their friends and family.
Not forgetting the persons they can’t live without
for their hearts carry something unexplainable within. Continue reading

About Zayyana

3 Feb

Check this out. Hehehe.. Continue reading

Repost: Kembara mencari cinta di musim winter

29 Jan

Senang untuk jatuh cinta, tetapi tidak mudah untuk mengungkap perasaannya bersama pena.
Mudah untuk mengaku cinta, tetapi sukar untuk membuktikannya. Continue reading

Menjadi Abbas Assisi

28 Jan

Seorang tokoh yang kaya dengan cinta pada saudaranya,
Seorang lelaki yang pemurah dalam mengulurkan secebis rasa cinta kepada insan sekelilingnya. Continue reading

Leaving everything to You

25 Jan

source here

I used to be afraid of you,
very scared to touch you.
So I would find excuses in avoiding you,
and I wouldn’t mind what people think of me
because what I knew,
was that between you and me
we had no chemistry.

Continue reading